Vince's Bio





Vince Miosi grew up in the Chicago area, where his parents owned and managed rental properties. While growing up, he learned the skills to properly maintain and repair the properties for his parents. While pursuing his real estate career, Vince worked for various corporations in the field of engineering, public relations and sales. As his interest in real estate grew, Vince attended a number of real estate seminars that helped him gain an understanding of the business.

In the late 1980’s, Vince purchased a 5 unit apartment building and a 42 unit apartment building on Chicago’s Northwest side. During the same time Vince purchased a home of his own in the Chicago suburbs where he began to raise a family.
Vince’s interest in real estate continued to grow. In the mid 90’s he obtained a Real Estate Sales License and later advanced to obtain a Broker’s License. With a solid understanding of real estate, Vince began to research potential investment opportunities in the Rockford area.

In 1996, while still living in Chicago, he purchased a 20 unit apartment building on Rockford’s Northeast side. Again in 2000, he purchased a 28 unit apartment building near the same location. With his real estate business established now in Rockford, he decided it was time to leave his full time corporate sales job and focus 100% on his Rockford rental properties.

In time Vince began to view Rockford as a great place to live so in 2001 he left the Chicago area and purchased a home near his Northeast Rockford properties. Over next few years he purchased two more rental homes and an 8 unit apartment building a short distance away.

Vince became an active member in the Rockford Apartment Association and has served many years as a member of the Board of Directors with the organization.

In 2006, he again purchased a 16 unit apartment building and today continues to pursue new investment opportunities in the Northeast Rockford area.

Vince has come to realize the benefits of living near his properties. “I can better service my renters, communicate with my support team and maintain the properties to a quality level that I would have no problem living in myself.”

Miosi Properties has become a well respected name in the rental property community not only because the properties are clean and well maintained, but because Vince Miosi is a dependable and trusted owner/manager who understands all aspects of the rental process and can get the job done.

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